Buffet (franc. buffet)

Buffet (franc. buffet)

1) A piece of furniture in the dining room, type of wardrobe, used to store the website, cutlery, tablecloths etc.. Buffets-furniture are obsolete today.

2) In restaurants: table-counter, often with a glazed superstructure, with a variety of cold appetizers.

3) Buffet (cold) at banquets and private parties: table or tables covered with white tablecloths and set with a variety of cold foods. Plates are placed on a cold buffet, cutlery, glasses, glasses and napkins (paper). Guests serve themselves, selecting these dishes, which they like and eat mostly standing up.

The Polish Easter table with the saint is also a kind of cold buffet.

A rare form of a cold buffet is the so-called. sweet buffet (cakes, sweet cakes, creams, ice cream etc.). Then coffee and tea are served, as well as dessert (sweet) fault.

Cold buffet, even with a modest set of aesthetically served dishes, it is a very convenient form of receiving guests for the housewife. All dishes can be prepared in advance and placed on platters, So there is no need to visit the kitchen frequently.

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