Quick dough dumplings

Russian dumplings made of ready-made dough

From breakfast I was left with cottage cheese with onions, salt and pepper. From lunch, as usual, some mashed potatoes. I don't like throwing food away, So I mixed both …

Dumplings – Production

Dumplings – Production

Dumplings is a cross between raviolli, cornwali and patties, invented by the villagers, for centuries they have been popular in Eastern Europe, now we get to know them too.

Traditional dumplings done …

How to make dumplings with meat

How to make dumplings with meat

Dumplings they are a traditional Polish dish. Contrary to appearances, they are not too complicated to prepare and you can find out for yourself.
2 Peel the onions, …

Tortellini with mushroom stuffing

Tortellini with mushroom stuffing.


a glass of flour • a pinch of salt • a raw yolk • a tablespoon of olive oil • 1/2 glasses of warm water • salt • tablespoon of oil


kapelusze borowików ugotowane