Peach (Prunus persica)

Peach (Prunus persica)

Peaches are among the noblest dessert fruits, distinguished by its exquisite taste, with a subtle aroma and incomparable juiciness. They come from China, where they have been grown for more than a year 4000 years. In Europe, they "took root" in the first century. neither. thanks to the Romans, who discovered them in conquered Persia. Peaches bear fruit abundantly only in warmer temperate climates. Polish winters, despite covering the trees, they do not take well, which is clearly reflected in the quality of the fruit. The largest peach plantations are now located in California.

Raw fruit is the tastiest, fully ripe. Also compotes, the peach preserves and jams are excellent, however, the taste and aroma of fresh fruit are strongly muted in them. Peaches intended for export shall be picked before they are fully ripe, which also affects the taste of the fruit.

The healthy one, tasty and refreshing fruit (it contains a lot of sugars and a lot of vitamins) he is not a frequent guest at our tables. Before consumption, it is good to remove the fluffy skin from the fruit, because the peach trees (like all fruit trees) sprinkled with insecticides, which may not be indifferent to our health.

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