filling: 40 dkg of pork from the neck, 4 dkg of wheat roll, soaking milk, 2 dkg of fat, 3 dkg of onion, salt, pepper, (protein); cake 1 dkg of yeast, 25 dkg of flour, 3 yolks, 4 dkg of fat (butter), ½ glass of milk, salt, lard for frying

1) przyrządzić mieloną masę z mięsa gotowanego tak jak do knedli ziemniaczanych, make yeast dough;

2) zrobić rozczyn z drożdży, put to rise;

3) stopić masło;

4) do mąki wlać wyrośnięty rozczyn z drożdży, add the yolks, salt, add fat and milk to make a dough not too slow, so that it can be rolled, put the dough to rise;

5) gdy ciasta przybędzie do 100% divide into 10 parts, Knead each part in your hand into a cake, wrap in dough 1/10 fillings, stick and shape an oval dumpling;

6) wyrobione pierożki ułożyć na podsypanej stolniczce, cover and set to rise again;

7) gdy ciasta przybędzie 100% throw flour-swept dumplings on the hot fat with the rising side down, cover and fry until golden brown, turn over and brown on the other side.

Serve hot straight from frying.

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