Dumpling dough

Dumpling dough has a looser consistency than pasta. Fewer eggs are added to it – 1-2 on 1 kg of flour (but you can also make such a cake without eggs). After cooking, the dumplings will not be hard, if we prepare a dough that is more flexible, rarer than for pasta or noodles. For this, it should be added to it 3-4 spoons of sour cream or thick cream 2 spoons of butter (it will also be easier to roll).

There are two ways to prepare dumpling dough:
– Season part of the flour with boiling water and then add the remaining ingredients and the rest of the flour,

– add cream or butter and warm milk or milk with water to the flour and give the dough the right consistency – It is no longer necessary to brew the grout.

Depending on your preferences and the occasion, we prepare stuffing for the dumplings:

– spicy (e.g.. from meat, sweet cabbage, sauerkraut, mushrooms, potatoes, will be, groats, cooked vegetables can be added as a side dish)

– sweet (e.g.. from berries, cherries, will be, marmalades).

In the case of spicy stuffing, cook the products, we pass it through the food processor and season it. When preparing sweet stuffing, we wash the fruit, we drain, we remove the seeds (cherries), we change (berries). Remember to dry them thoroughly, because juice or water can cause the dumplings to fall apart where they stick together. If the fruit is very acidic, we can gently take them, just before making the dumplings, sprinkle with sugar, taking care, so that they do not release too much juice.

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