Dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms

Dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms – recipe from Old Polish cuisine.


3 glasses of wheat flour • 2 egg yolks • tablespoon of oil • 3/4 glasses of warm water • salt • 2 spoons of cooking oil for dumplings • browned onion in oil or butter for pouring dumplings


0,5 l pickled, squeezed from excess cabbage juice • 3 hats of dried porcini mushrooms • a glass of milk • onion • oil • salt • pepper • bay leaf

6 portions • 60 min(in addition to cooking time) • 171 kcal (100 g) • medium difficult

1. Pour warm water over the shredded cabbage, we add bay leaf, we cook 10 min on high heat, strain on a sieve, we discard the leaf.

2. Mushrooms, previously soaked in milk with water (fifty fifty), we cook. When they are soft, strain on a sieve, set aside, Chop the hats finely.

3. Fry the chopped onion in oil. When they are glazed, we add cabbage, fry the whole thing 2 min, add chopped mushrooms and continue to fry them, stirring often, until the excess juice has evaporated. Season to taste, set aside for supercooling.

4. Put the dough ingredients into the food processor, well-made, we divide into 2 parts, we roll out.

5. Cut out discs with a glass of thin patties, we put stuffing on each, glued, put on a floured board.

6. Boil large amounts of water, salt and oil – from the moment of departure 3 min.

7. When cooked, take out with a slotted spoon, put on a preheated dish, Pour the oil-browned onion or browned butter.

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